Cooler, Freezer, and Blast Freeze Capabilities
FrigiServe is a commercial cold storage warehouse that provides quick freezing, handling, and storage for the food industry.
North Texas Cold Storage Warehouse and Distribution
Your choice for cold storage and distribution to North Texas and surrounding markets. Serving retail, foodservice, manufacturing and pharmaceutical customers with fast, reliable and accurate order fulfillment. We are dedicated to the idea that our success is measured only by results.


FrigiServe offers the most all-inclusive temperature-controlled storage and distribution structure in North Texas, supported by the most advanced technology, and with an unparalleled focus on customer service.

The FrigiServe temperature-controlled warehouse and distribution network offers consumers the most comprehensive storage and distribution infrastructure available, utilizing the most advanced technology, and encompassing a singular focus on customer service. You can focus more on your customers, surpassing their expectations, and grow your business by partnering with FrigiServe.

Since its inception, FrigiServe has led the provision of technology-based engineered solutions for the temperature-controlled supply chain industry. Throughout our history, we have done business with producers, retailers, foodservice providers across the nation.

With a purposeful outreach, our commitment is wide, spanning everywhere from regional grocers to national food producers as well as international food and beverage organizations. FrigiServe is always evolving, and this is how we help ensure your success.

Freezing & Blast Freezing
Freezing & Blast Freezing

We offer room freezing and blast cells for those whose process doesn’t allow for freezing at their facility,

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Our Warehouse Management System allows us to track multiple attributes associated with your pallets.

Kitchen Staging Event Venue
Kitchen Staging Event Venue

Perfect for companies looking to wow clients through culinary events and food prep presentations.

Preserve product integrity and promote food safety.

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