A Cold Storage Partnership Saves A Locally-Owned Grocery Store

FrigiServe Cold Storage in Ft. Worth Partnership Saves A Locally-Owned Grocery StoreThese days, it is just about impossible to own and operate a local grocery store. The big-box stores get all the foot traffic. Pricing competition is fierce. The logistics are very complex.

But that did not stop Mary Anne and her husband Nick from opening up a small business grocery store in Fort Worth when they saw a need for a locally-owned grocery store in their neighborhood.

Mary Anne was tired of dealing with the major grocers that the vast majority of people frequent for their grocery items. Her trust in the quality of products they carried and the pricing was at an all-time low. So She had an idea. She wanted to venture into the world of grocery store ownership.

It was a big undertaking for Mary Anne and Nick. They quickly learned that they were going to need somewhere to store some of their goods to keep them fresh for consumption. They needed some form of refrigeration beyond what their little store provided.

Mary Anne and Nick’s refrigerators and freezer were quite small, but they needed to order products in bulk in order for the suppliers to be able to fulfill the orders. But if they could not store the products until they were sold, they would lose a lot of money in food waste. With their tight start-up budget, this was not an option. What they needed was extra cold storage.

Enter FrigiServce Cold Storage.

Frigiserve warehouse loading dock serving Texas food stores

FrigiServe Cold Storage offers the most all-inclusive temperature-controlled storage and distribution structure in North Texas. Supported by the most advanced technology, and with an unparalleled focus on customer service, FrigiServe Cold Storage offers the most comprehensive storage and distribution infrastructure available.

When Mary Anne found Frigiserve Cold Storage, she found her solution. With a comprehensive temperature-controlled storage system available, Mary Anne and Nick were able to worry less about the freshness of their products and focus more on their customers and their needs.

FrigiServe Cold Storage was the piece of Mary Anne and Nick’s grocery store puzzle that saved their dream. Even after some expansion of their store, Mary Anne and Nick still use FrigiServe Cold Storage to hold products until they are ready to be put on the shelves.

…we are in a competitive industry, espically as the world is turning to online shopping and big box stores. ‘Mom and Pop’ stores are becoming less available, and having a storage warehouse to work with our needs, is amazing…

Since Nick handles most of the logistics of the shipping, he raves about how great, easy, and fast it is to get the products they need when they need them.

FrigiServe Cold Storage and Mary Anne and Nick have partnered to make a once silly dream a reality in Fort Worth. And the neighborhood is better for it.

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