Cold Storage Inventory Management DFW - Dallas, Fort WorthInformation Technology and Food Safety are two primary features working behind the scenes at FrigiServe Cold Storage. This is necessary to guarantee our streamlined processes won’t break the cold chain or put the quality of your inventory at risk. Here is how we manage your cold inventory on a day-to-day basis.

  • Online inventory management

Customers have access through a secure portal to review inventory real-time and place orders for picking or shipment.

  •  Accurate temperature and humidity regulation

FrigiServe maintains constant monitoring of each area with adjustments being made as soon as necessary modifications are detected.

  • Label quality and product traceability

Appropriate rack labeling (information included and materials used) is implemented to ensure that the various rows, shelves, and locations themselves are easily identifiable. FrigiServe maintains current compliance with government, industry and local standards (ISO 22000 certification, OSHA regulations, FDA guidelines, etc.)

  • Creating efficient high-density storage layouts

Our high-density storage systems effectively and safely maximize the number of products stored in each zone. FrigiServe is environmentally conscious minimizing each cold area footprint.

  • Cold storage warehouse equipment characteristics

We implement unique systems that are resistant to the ambient challenges of each warehouse zone and simultaneously allow employees to capably perform their duties.

Whether you rely on us to store foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or any other temperature-sensitive products, our team works diligently to see that no detail is taken for granted and every step of the storage and handling process is scrutinized for efficiency.

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