Cold Storage for Food Service Providers

With a healthy dose of safety, consistency, and cost-effectiveness, we understand we will be able to meet the demands of our customers. Then you have the perfect recipe for success.

How FrigiServe Helps Our Food Service Providers

Cold Storage for Our Food Service Providers

Cold Storage Warehouse in Ft. Worth TX for Food Service Providers

It is a combination of ingredients that help make a simple dish into something more. FrigiServe’s recipe is our integrated, temperature-controlled warehouses, our innovative operations, and our industry-leading automation and supply chain management technologies that combine to meet your business needs.

We’d be happy to combine our service with your brand and ensure you have satisfied customers with great customer service.

Whether you’re a Food Producer, a Retailer, a Food Service Provider, or anywhere in between, leverage our temperature-controlled supply chain infrastructure to make them easier to move.

Our Dedication to Safe Quality Food

Keeping your food safe in our warehouses and during the transportation is a priority for FrigiServe. Our staff is dedicated to safe and compliant warehouse and transportation operations.

Managing your product’s temperature is just one point of many critical checks and balances created to limit potentially detrimental working environments. We assure that your products are received, stored, and distributed under the most exacting environmental conditions and temperature specifications. Basically, we handle your product like you would.

An Unmatched State-of-the-Art Network of Integrated Temperature-controlled Facilities

Our facilities in the food processing and consumption market are centrally located in DFW,, and we have both public and dedicated facilities – find out what we can do.

  • USDA Related Services
  • Contract Warehousing
  • Slip Sheeting
  • Import/Export
  • Cross Docking
  • Spacer Insert/Removal
  • Pick and Pack Operations
  • Stretch Wrapping
  • Tempering
  • Cooler Storage
  • Freezer Storage
  • Quick Freezing

What Happens in the FrigiServe Cold Storage Warehouse?

Product Receipt and Handling: Receipt, handling, and placement of products into warehouses for storage and preservation.

Case-Picking: Selecting product cases to build customized pallets.

Export and Import: Support Services Handling of perishable products coming in and out of the country.

Product Retrieval: Retrieval of products from storage upon customer request.

Kitting and Repackaging: Assembling custom product packages for delivery to retailers and consumers, and labeling services.

Blast Freezing: The rapid freezing of non-frozen products, including individual quick freezing for agricultural produce and seafood.

Order Assembly and Load Consolidation: Store order fulfillment for both conventional and e-commerce needs.

Cross-Docking: Transferring inbound products to outbound trucks utilizing warehouse docks without storing the products in the warehouses.

Preserve product integrity and promote food safety.

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