Cold Storage for Retailers

With our unparalleled integrated network and innovative supply chain solutions, you'll stay on top of consumer trends and preferences all throughout Texas.

How FrigiServe Helps Local Retailers

Cold Storage for Our Local Retailers

Cold Storage Warehouse for Retailers in Ft. Worth TX

As the consumer landscape rapidly changes, FrigiServe’s network of temperature-controlled infrastructures and logistics solutions helps you stay on top. At our temperature-controlled warehouse in Ft. Worth, Texas, you can leverage our extensive retail experience and innovative supply chain management operations to streamline operations, reduce capital expenses, and fulfill store-level growth strategies.

Our temperature-controlled infrastructure can facilitate the movement of your goods from farm to fork, whether you’re a Food Producer, Retailer, Food Service Provider, or somewhere in between.

Cold Storage Warehouses Designed for Retailers

Warehouses can range from 65% to 70% dry (ambient) storage space, but some have as much as 50% refrigerated storage space that can have different temperature zones for meat, dairy, produce, frozen goods, ice cream, etc. First-generation facilities, which are usually design and build jobs for grocery and foodservice companies, are usually owned by grocery chains and foodservice companies.

Spaces in the second generation are sometimes owner-occupied, but they are often leased to investors and offer a considerable price advantage over new construction. This creates significant demand for quality, second-generation space, typically occupied by grocers and foodservice operators. Long service life is achieved by these facilities due to the high standards required by food distributors.

Our facilities are in a prime location to support both vendor consolidation and a devoted retail distribution center.

We are here to help you by providing a temperature-controlled supply chain infrastructure.

  • USDA Related Services
  • Contract Warehousing
  • Slip Sheeting
  • Import/Export
  • Cross Docking
  • Spacer Insert/Removal
  • Pick and Pack Operations
  • Stretch Wrapping
  • Tempering
  • Cooler Storage
  • Freezer Storage
  • Quick Freezing

What Happens in the FrigiServe Cold Storage Warehouse?

Product Receipt and Handling: Receipt, handling, and placement of products into warehouses for storage and preservation.

Case-Picking: Selecting product cases to build customized pallets.

Export and Import: Support Services Handling of perishable products coming in and out of the country.

Product Retrieval: Retrieval of products from storage upon customer request.

Kitting and Repackaging: Assembling custom product packages for delivery to retailers and consumers, and labeling services.

Blast Freezing: The rapid freezing of non-frozen products, including individual quick freezing for agricultural produce and seafood.

Order Assembly and Load Consolidation: Store order fulfillment for both conventional and e-commerce needs.

Cross-Docking: Transferring inbound products to outbound trucks utilizing warehouse docks without storing the products in the warehouses.

Preserve product integrity and promote food safety.

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